May the Peace of Christ be always with you…

It is my pleasure to introduce myself and my family to you.   I am an ordained Elder in the Michigan Area Conference serving in the Central Bay District and here, locally, at West Branch First United Methodist Church.  As a pastor, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve Christ’s Church in a number of places and settings.  I have served rural churches and urban churches.  I have served in single church settings and in locations where I served five churches simultaneously.  I have even served overseas twice in the British Methodist Church.  In all these instances and places, I have met and served alongside some truly wonderful disciples of Jesus Christ.  Here at West Branch FUMC this blessing continues!

My family is a source of joy and inspiration to me.  My wife, Fiona, and I met overseas in England and we were married there.  We have six great kids, Adam whose still lives in England, Rebekah who lives with her husband Alex and our two grandsons, Malakai and Flynn, with us in the parsonage. Jessica who lives with her family in the St Clair Shores area.  Anthony who is making his way in the world.  Our two youngest, Kayla, and Jakob,  still live with us here in West Branch.  Fiona and I have also been blessed over the years with the opportunity to foster 20 children. We love the Lord, love each other, and look to share this love with others.

I have a passion for sharing my faith with others not only on Sundays but also in my interactions in our community, our schools, and with our sisters and brothers who attend other churches in the West Branch area.  I believe that we are our brothers and sisters keepers as we are called by God to love our neighbors.  I believe that “church” is not best understood as a noun, but as a verb.  I believe that a church is not a building but a group of diverse people who have found a common calling in Christ!

We would love to invite you to visit us for Sunday worship or for any of the myriad of events we host over the year.  You are always welcome here!

God bless!

Pastor Tim