North Country Cooperative Parish (NCCP)

Through the cooperation of six Michigan Area United Methodist Churches in 2015 and 2016; the North Country Cooperative Parish has been established.

Cooperation between multiple churches and Christian ministries for the purpose of helping underprivileged families complete home improvements.

In addition to home repairs, low-income churches and ministries will also be assisted with building and parsonage repairs.

In the immediate future we envision many more churches joining the cooperative parish, including many if not all of the one hundred and ten UM churches in the service area.  We also welcome churches of all denominations as we seek to make this a Kingdom project with full ecumenical participation.

In cooperation with Volunteer in Missions Teams and coordinated with a Church and Community Worker we are requesting through the Board of Global Ministries:

We seek to rebuild homes

We seek to rebuild lives

We seek to rebuild hope

We seek to walk alongside brothers and sisters in physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment in following the example, the teachings, and the fulfillment of our call to action as Christian disciples!

After all, are we not all followers of a carpenter’s son?